YouTube: Lying About the Two Witness Rule

My reaction following the CBC News report where Chas Harrison, a representative of the Watchtower organisation at the Vancouver, BC Jehovah's Witness convention, lies about the two witness rule. CBC News article: My video regarding the Watchtower's Child Protection Policy: Episode 25 - Lying About the Two Witness Rule

YouTube: Information & Behaviour Control

My discussion of how the Watchtower organisation controls information in order to control its members. TAU © 2018 Netflix Nineteen Eighty-Four © 1984 20th Century Fox Further reading: Knowledge, thoughtcrime & the Antichrist - Misquotes, deception & lies - Lying for Jehovah: Four Examples of Watchtower Representatives Using Theocratic Warfare - … Continue reading YouTube: Information & Behaviour Control

YouTube: The Fear & Persecution Video

My thoughts on one of the leaked videos to be shown at the 2018 Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses this summer. Links to things discussed: Blog post: Harvard Study (link to PDF of study at bottom of article):

My Generation, Your Generation, Everyone’s Generation!

If you are reading this in the hope that I will be able to explain the rather confusing "new light" recently[1] revealed by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, i.e. the "overlapping generation" doctrine, you may be sorely disappointed.  Please judge for yourself however after reading my post, whether or not this new teaching has … Continue reading My Generation, Your Generation, Everyone’s Generation!