Translation: NOS – 1st July 2018

Hele Tweede Kamer wil misbruikonderzoek Jehovah’s getuigen

Whole Lower House wants abuse investigation Jehovah’s witnesses

All political parties in the House of Representatives want the government to investigate sexual abuse in the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is because the board of the religious group refuses to cooperate.

The House suspects that the closed culture of the Jehovah’s Witnesses means that many people remain inside and that victims do not dare to make a report. And therefore children are still at risk, says the Chamber.

The Court wants to investigate through the statements of victims and other parties involved “the possible underlying pattern, the used (church) rules, customs and structures within the community and the influence this has on the declaration of willingness of these persons”.

Do not force

The House also wants an analysis of investigations into sexual abuse in communities of Jehovah’s witnesses in other countries . More is not legally possible because the government can not force the board to cooperate, Minister Dekker for Legal Protection has already investigated.

Dekker had talked to the board after reclaiming the new complaints center for sexual abuseVoices had received dozens of reports . In the meantime, there are almost 300. But the board maintains that there are only a few people involved and that the organization itself has taken sufficient measures.