Translation: Hart van Nederland – 3rd July 2018

Kamer wil onderzoek naar misbruik Jehova’s

Room wants investigation into abuse of Jehovah’s

The Lower House wants an investigation into sexual abuse at the Jehovah’s Witnesses. On Tuesday, all the political groups formed a proposal from Jasper van Dijk (SP). Minister Sander Dekker (Legal Protection) indicated earlier that he was “not unwelcome” to such an investigation.

Dekker initially hoped that the Jehovah’s themselves would get the broom through their own organization. The Jehovah’s gave no need to find an investigation into the abuse of mainly children, because only a few victims reported. Reclaimed Voices, the reporting center for victims of abuse at the Jehovas, gave in May, however, to receive a small three hundred notifications.

Van Dijk calls on the government to investigate the experiences of people who have been part of the faith community. He also wants to look at investigations that have been conducted abroad into sexual abuse at the Jehovah’s Witnesses.