The Netherlands

Tagesschau – 2nd May 2018

Missbrauchsfälle in den Niederlanden watch from 12:52

NL Times – 2nd May 2018

Nearly 300 reports of sexual abuse among Dutch Jehovah’s Witnesses

Deutschlandradio – Dlf24 – 2nd May 2018

Hunderte Missbrauchsfälle in den Niederlanden

RTV Noord – 20th April 2018

Committee Meeting Justice & Safety (Commissievergadering Justitie & Veiligheid)

House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer Der Staten-Generaal) – 15th February 2018

Child Pornography and Child Abuse Debate

RTL Nieuws – 8th February 2018

RTL Nieuws – 26th January 2018

Slachtoffers eisen onderzoek naar misbruik Jehovah’s Getuigen: ‘Kinderen lopen gevaar’

RTL Nieuws – 26th January 2018 – English language translation

Victims demand investigation into abuse of Jehovah’s Witnesses: ‘Children are at risk’

Dutch News – 28th December 2017

Dozens come forward to report abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses

NL Times – 28th November 2017

Dutch foundation gets dozens of sexual abuse reports from Jehovah’s Witnesses