The Disposable Life of the Jehovah’s Witness Wife

This week saw the release of the December 2018 Study Edition of The Watchtower magazine.  On page 10 is an article which will be studied by the Jehovah's Witnesses at their meeting during the weeks 11-17 February 2019.   Why am I singling out this article you may ask?  This article is designed to show the … Continue reading The Disposable Life of the Jehovah’s Witness Wife

No Love, Just Judgement

So many of the JW Broadcasting episodes feature seriously ill or disabled Jehovah's Witnesses explaining how they are still able to "give their all" to Jehovah's organisation, including "witnessing".  The sick, emotionally manipulative propaganda in these make me so angry for many reasons.   Specifically having watched JW Broadcasting 18, I felt the need to put … Continue reading No Love, Just Judgement