YouTube: Information & Behaviour Control

My discussion of how the Watchtower organisation controls information in order to control its members. TAU © 2018 Netflix Nineteen Eighty-Four © 1984 20th Century Fox Further reading: Knowledge, thoughtcrime & the Antichrist - Misquotes, deception & lies - Lying for Jehovah: Four Examples of Watchtower Representatives Using Theocratic Warfare - … Continue reading YouTube: Information & Behaviour Control

YouTube: Coming Out & Deprogramming

Episode 7 Coming Out & Deprogramming! My discussion about the issues surrounding coming out publicly as an ex-JW who is vocally critical of the Watchtower organisation and the psychological obstacles faced. Here is the new project that I’m working on here:   Also mentioned in this video is the year 607BCE on which … Continue reading YouTube: Coming Out & Deprogramming