YouTube: Coming Out & Deprogramming

Episode 7 Coming Out & Deprogramming PLUS XJW Doc & ExJW Sisters! My discussion about the issues surrounding coming out publicly as an ex-JW who is vocally critical of the Watchtower organisation and the psychological obstacles faced. Also a reminder to go and follow (it’s free!) the XJW Doc Seed&Spark campaign here: Here is … Continue reading YouTube: Coming Out & Deprogramming

YouTube: Fear, Gehenna & Sisters’ Fashion

In my latest episode I discuss the fear experienced as a child growing up as Jehovah’s Witness, the JW doctrine of Gehenna/the Second Death and Apostates, and a bonus of a sassy little fashion show for all faithful JW sisters!   Resurrection - Sheol/Hades/Gehenna Sarah Marsh – email – Victims Voices … Continue reading YouTube: Fear, Gehenna & Sisters’ Fashion