Where Now?

In the short time that I’ve been involved in ex-JW activism I’ve had the privilege of working with some fabulous people, I’ve engaged with some wonderful ex-JWs and have made some incredible friends that I know I shall have for the rest of my life.  However, the direction that my activism is now changing.

In future I shall be concentrating on more “behind the scenes” work.  I shall continue to work to maintain the Ex-JW Sisters page as editor and hope that many more ex-JW women come forward to have their say on that page where we have created a platform for women where they are not talked over or silenced by men.  In addition, I have other projects which I am working on that I hope will provide many useful resources for those who are questioning their beliefs as Jehovah’s Witnesses or those who have already left.

I shall keep this blog up and, if I need to update it, I can.  Hopefully the resources that are in place here will help others.  My YouTube channel will also remain up as a resource for whoever needs it.

I shall be less visible, but I shall, nonetheless, be very busy as an ex-JW activist helping to expose the damaging policies and teachings of the Watchtower.  If you need to contact me regarding ex-JW activism or anything related, I can still be reached in all the usual ways, via the contact page here, via my Facebook page, or via the Ex-JW Sisters contact page.

I thank you all for your support for my activism so far and hope that you can all find it in your hearts to support my future work.


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