The Two Witness Rule – Still Used?

There seems to be some confusion regarding the "two witness rule" since the Watchtower published the document entitled Jehovah's Witnesses' Scripturally Based Position on Child Protection.[1]  To clarify, I thought it might be useful to lay out the pertinent points here. What is the "two witness rule"? "The scriptures are very clear, before a judicial … Continue reading The Two Witness Rule – Still Used?

YouTube: Lying About the Two Witness Rule

My reaction following the CBC News report where Chas Harrison, a representative of the Watchtower organisation at the Vancouver, BC Jehovah's Witness convention, lies about the two witness rule. CBC News article: My video regarding the Watchtower's Child Protection Policy: Episode 25 - Lying About the Two Witness Rule

YouTube: Jehovah’s Witnesses & the LGBT Community – Part 1

Part one - my discussion regarding Watchtower teachings about the LGBT community My blog about what growing up as a queer Jehovah’s Witness was like - Harvard Study (link to PDF of study at bottom of article) - LGBT Weekly archived website article - Pillowgate - Article including video of … Continue reading YouTube: Jehovah’s Witnesses & the LGBT Community – Part 1

YouTube: Information & Behaviour Control

My discussion of how the Watchtower organisation controls information in order to control its members. TAU © 2018 Netflix Nineteen Eighty-Four © 1984 20th Century Fox Further reading: Knowledge, thoughtcrime & the Antichrist - Misquotes, deception & lies - Lying for Jehovah: Four Examples of Watchtower Representatives Using Theocratic Warfare - … Continue reading YouTube: Information & Behaviour Control