YouTube: Mental Illness & Coercive Beliefs

This was very difficult for me to record but I strongly felt that it needed to be said. The stigma needs to end in order for people to be able to get access to appropriate help when needed.

In this episode I discuss the taboo topic of mental illness and how it affects our actions, particularly in the context of coercive belief systems. If you are affected by any of the issues I discuss, please get professional assistance.

Some suggested support organisation below, but this is NOT an exhaustive list. Please access support which is appropriate and local to you.

National website search by country:

UK Organisations:
Prevent Suicide – Lots of support and advice:

Samaritans provide support 24/7 for people in the UK and Republic of Ireland:

Victims Voices UK – Support for ExJW Victims of Child Sexual Abuse –

US Organisations:
For people who reside in the US this company provides 24/7 support for people needing support in a crisis:
Text support:




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