Evelyn on YouTube

Firstly, I need to extend much gratitude to everyone who has shown support and encouragement to me with my blog.  It has been incredible the amount of people who have read my posts and contacted me with expressions of appreciation.  I am honestly humbled by the reaction, thank you!

youtube logo.pngIn addition to my blog, I’m the process of setting up a YouTube channel which will be entitled, “Incognito with Evelyn De L’Ombre”.  I have a few ideas for subject matter.  Also I’m familiar with the AMA format on Reddit and thought that this might be a good idea as part of my vlog.  An AMA, if you’re not aware, is an acronym meaning “ask me anything”.   I am fully aware that this isn’t a new or unique idea for vloggers, I’m not under any illusion that my channel will be anything but very niche for people with a specific interest in my story.  I’m not a scholar or an orator so I’m sure it will be quite basic.  However, I do hope to make it as interesting and entertaining as possible, short of having to tap dance, or twerk!  (Now that would be disturbing.)

twerk horror
No twerking, I promise!


So, if any of my readers have questions for me, there are a couple of ways you can contact me:

1. Via my contact form HERE.

2. By asking your question on Twitter with the hashtag #askevelyndelombre.

Thank you all for reading my blog.


youtube logo.png

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